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Kathmandu: The 16th Republic Day is being marked nationwide by organizing several programmes today. The first-ever people-elected Constituent Assembly had proclaimed the federal democratic republican governance system in the country by officially abolishing the autocratic monarchy on 28 May 2008.
The Tajaka Annual Chart of 16th Indicate, this year is prosperous for common people and government. But the bad placement of Muntha denotes heavy loss due to natural calamities and loss of Great Political Leader.
The trine mode of Venus and Saturn shows good time for business and international trade. Stock price could rise and can make new record.

Kathmandu: The ecliptic is the apparent pathway of the sun in the Heavens. The planets and the other luminary moon, follow their own individual tracks which lie along the ecliptic on north and south of it. This width on either side is about 7.5 degree and hence the pathway of the planets is around 15 degrees in width, having the ecliptic in its center. This is called Zodiac.

Mantras are energy-based sounds. It produces vibration in the body. The words uttered in mantra are meaningful and are associated with the effect of vibration. This is one level of energy basis for words.

Kathmandu: Today there are very beautiful trine mode of Moon and Jupiter in sky, According to Financial Astrology Rule, this is good for financial Activists, Stock Market could go up and Gold Price Down.