Kathmandu: Yesterday Nepal celebrated the New year of the Bikram Sambat 2079. In the Astrology, the entrance of the Sun in the Mesh Rashi is important, which is called New Year. The Astrologers predict the future according to the time of the Sun entering in the Mesh Rashi.
According to sidereal Astrology, applying N C Lahiri Ayanamsa, the Sun entered in the Mesh Rashi at 08.24.29 in Kathmandu sky.
At that time, there was Gemini Navamansha under Taurus Lagna in the Eastern Horizon of Kathmandu sky. Taurus is Fixed Lagna that means No Major changes in this year. The Jupiter is the Adviser of this Year 2079, which means the advisers are not greedy, luxurious and selfish. The Saturn is the Ruler of the year 2079, which means the rulers are not liberal, democratic and religious. Their relationships with foreign countries won't be good, Again the Adviser and the Rulers of the year will clash and have no cordial relationships between them.
The conjunction of Rahu, Mercury and Sun indicates the unexpected loss of a senior leader.
The planetary relation between the Mangal and Saturn is not beneficial for the government and army. They will have some kind of misunderstanding between them. The country will also experience earthquakes.
Commodity market will see slowdown till August and then will start picking up.
Since Jupiter is chief significator of finance which is the advisor of this year too. It will give boost to stock market and financial activities in the country.