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Kathmandu: Half of thitis or lunar date is called karana. A lunar date has two karana daily. They are eleven in numbers. 1 Bava,2 Balava, 3, Kaulava ,4 Taitala,5 Gara 6,Vanija 7, Visti 8, Shakuni 9, Chatushpada, 10, Naga &11, kaustuva or Kimstughna.

Kathmandu: New fortnight from which we making our prediction is 12 May 2021, at 12:45 Am Kathmandu Nepal Time. 02 Degree 17 Minutes Sagittarius on the 10th House Cusp and 19 Degree 46 minutes of Aquarius is on the First house Cusp.

Kathmandu, Nepal: After vowing to uphold and defend the Constitution of United States, Joe Biden has been officially took oath of office in as the 46th US president. At the time of his oath 20 Degree 04 Minutes Aries on the 1th House Cusp and 2 Degree 08 minutes of Capricorn is on the 10th house Cusp, as per sidereal astrology.