Astrology is a noble science. It is as old as the ages of the Vedas. The History of Astrology begins with Creation itself. Sage Garga says that the science was propounded by the Creator Himself and that Brahma banded it down: to him at the time of creation. From Garga, other sages got it and it was spread all over. It appears to be co-eval with that of the Earth, It depends on the position of the planets ascertained astronomically. It explains the celestial phenomena and, he corresponding terrestrial events.
The true meaning of astrology is the "Message of the Stars". By using the salient principles of Astrology depending on the position of the planets ascertained astronomically one can forecast events for the benefit of all and as such, it is a useful science or interpreting nature.
Birth and Death, pleasure or pain, gain or loss, health and wealth are all enjoyed or experienced according to the divine plan. The only scientific and correct method of knowing the Divine plan is by applying the principles of Astrology.
Dr. Suneel is a highly experienced Astrologer and have provided astrological consultation services to thousands of people worldwide. He is a First Astrologer in Nepal to introduce live Television Astrology Show From Image Channel and has been running an astrology program on radio since November 2007. He has appeared as a Guest on many Television Shows of Nepal. He is the proud recipient of several prestigious, astrological awards and has been crowned with profuse titles including the Jyotish VidyaShri in India and VastuShree in Nepal.
Dr. Suneel’ s suggested remedies for overcoming the setbacks and obstacles in life have helped many of his clients to achieve Positive results. Dr. Suneel's honest answers that combines Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology along with face reading brings out the best solution for a person.
Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, Gemology and Relevant Astrological Remedies will definitely help in becoming most successful person. Dr. Suneel know the required remedies pertaining to those holy sciences with a scientific view.