Kathmandu: An earthquake of ML 5.8 occurred around BhulBhule of Lamjung district Nepal at 5.42 Am today. According to some Vedic schooler earthquake is caused by the violent collision of winds and their striking the Earth in consequence, and according to others the cause is some invisible and unknown agency. Some say that earthquake is caused by huge water monsters and some that it is caused by the elephants supporting the Earth, resting for a time from their labour.
According to Varahamihira today's Earthquake is in “Vāyu (the wind)'s Circle. These symptoms are- the sky will be filled with dust and smoke, violent winds will shake the trees and the rays of the sun will appear dim. The crops will perish; the Earth will become dry; forests will suffer; medicinal plants will be destroyed and tradesmen will be afflicted with dropsy, asthma, madness, fever and phlegmatic affections.
Prostitutes and men handling weapons, physicians, women, poets, musicians, merchants, painters and sculptors will suffer miseries, as well as the people of Saurāṣṭra, of Kuro, of Magadha, of Daśārṇa and Matsya.