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Bengaluru: In yet another incident of fraud, a 45-year-old businessman from Karnataka's Tumakuru was allegedly cheated to the tune of Rs 46 lakh by two men who posed as astrologers and promised to solve his personal problems in return for the hefty amount.

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Sanchi University will now train employees working in the corporate sector. Various dimensions of the Indian philosophy will be harnessed in the corporate sector for stress management and capacity development, informed registrar Alkesh Chaturvedi.

Kathmandu: All you out there….Get ready for the most amazing journey of the lifetime. Well ! This time; I am no more talking about much hyped eco tours or even rural tours to Nepal. Hold your breath and Welcome to Astro-Tourism in Nepal.

Kathmandu: Astrology can guide to forex traders, Astrology can give you market trends. which time is best to go long and short. In which time it will be volatile. which pair is suitable to trade etc..