Kathmandu: The Jyeshtha month started on May 6. According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Jyestha month is considered as the third month of the Hindu lunar year. In this month, whereas on the one hand the wrath of the sun increases due to the advent of the peak summer season,

at the same time, it is recommended that one should worship the Sun God and Varun Dev in this month as these bring some blessings on the devotees.
The scriptures give a lot of importance to the Jyestha month. Because the longest days of the year happen to fall in these months, and it is believed that Lord Shri Ram met his supreme devotee Hanuman ji in this month, therefore, for this reason, there is a law to worship Lord Bajrangbali during this month.
Jyestha month is also one of the favorite months of Lord Vishnu.
However, there is prohibition on doing certain things during this month. It is said that if one does these particular things during the Jyestha month then Goddess Laxmi gets angry. Let us find out which are these prohibited works which should be avoided in the month of Jyestha even by mistake.
Things one should avoid doing in the month of Jyestha
According to the ayurveda, one should not sleep during the daytime in the month of Jyestha. Doing so can afflict with several types of diseases.
Spicy food should not be consumed in the month of Jyestha and people should try and eat only once during the day.
One should also avoid consuming food which can heat up your body other than garlic and mustard.
Consuming brinjal should also be avoided in the month of Jyestha. Because consuming it is not considered in auspicious for the children.
Since the month of Jyeshtha falls during the peak summer season therefore, it is said that a thirsty person should never be sent away without giving them water.
According to Hindu belief, marriage of the eldest son or daughter of the family should not take place in the month of Jyestha.
Water which becomes a double precious commodity during the summer season should be used properly and judiciously this month and one should avoid wasting water unnecessarily.
Significance of Jyestha month
Jyestha month is considered very important among all the months. The lord of Jyestha is Mars and Mars is considered a symbol of courage in astrology. Jyestha month is the favorite month of Lord Vishnu. The scriptures have laid out the special importance of worshiping Lord Vishnu in this month. The worship of Lord Vishnu and Mother Ganga emerging from his feet and Lord Hanuman, the son of wind, is considered very important in this month.