Kathmandu: Panchak begins January 13, 2024, Saturday at 11:50 PM and ends. January 18, 2024, Thursday at 03:48 AM. As per Vedic astrology, if Moon is in the 5 last constellations out of 27, i.e. Dhanishtha, Shatabhisha, Purvabhadrapada, Uttarabhadrapada and Revati; that duration is termed as Panchak. According to Vedic Astrological beliefs, Precautions during Panchak period- Avoid collecting wood, grass, or other fuel-related items.

It is thought that during Panchak, your home may catch fire, causing harm to you or your loved ones.
Due to the possibility of fire as a malefic effect of Panchak Yoga, do not build a bed during the Panchak Kaal.
During the Panchak Nakshatras, avoid starting any new work, business, construction, or large financial transaction.
During Panchak Kaal, do not lend money or make loans.
During the Revati Nakshatra, avoid building a terrace.
It is strictly forbidden to cremate a deceased person during Panchak. Prior to cremation, it is recommended that Shanthikarma be performed.
During Panchak, avoid travelling in a southerly route, especially if you were born under Panchak Yoga.
Housewarming ceremonies, Upnayan Sanskar, Bhoomi Pujan, and other auspicious celebrations should be avoided.