Kathmandu: The ecliptic is the apparent pathway of the sun in the Heavens. The planets and the other luminary moon, follow their own individual tracks which lie along the ecliptic on north and south of it. This width on either side is about 7.5 degree and hence the pathway of the planets is around 15 degrees in width, having the ecliptic in its center. This is called Zodiac.

If one observes, it will appear that the whole Zodiac goes round the earth once a day, i.e. once in 24 hours and the same portion of the zodiac raises in the east in 23 hours 56 minutes and few seconds. As the Zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts called solar mansion (sign or Rashi), each Division will be appearing in the east roughly for duration of 2 hours. In other words, the previous sign will appear to rise up in the heavens and the next sign will commence to rise nearly two hours after the previous sign began to rise. Hence the 12 signs rise in the east, roughly at an interval of 2 hours.
The Hindu astrologers have subdivided each sign into two halves and called such a division as a Hora. Hence roughly one hour is needed for each hora to rise in the east or pass through the Meridian. But the Hindu astrologers, in olden days did not calculate the time in hours and minutes. They used to measure in Ghatis and Vighatis. Hence a day is of 60 Ghatis. Hence each sign is approximately 5 Ghatis and half a sign or a hora will be about 2.5 Ghaties. Pharos in Chaldean star says: In remote and ancient Chaldean the knowledge of the stars and the framing of the Zodiac were the result of divinely inspired gifts to the wise men. The book of Genesis, the Mosaic Era, the Babylonic and Hindu empires were nonexistent when the Chaldean sages laid down the axiom that Obstral spheres exert continual influence on terrestrial life.
Chaldeans followed the hora and found out the influence of the planets over the affairs of the people. Also, it was said that certain hours are advantageous for certain matter and certain hours are unfortunate for some affairs. This Method is called Hora. As Regards Hora Division, The Hindus take the time of sunrise for their calculations. But Westerns and Chaldeans in a different manner.
The divide the interval between the time of sunrise and noon into 6 equal parts and each will be little more or less than an hour depending upon the interval between sunrise and noon, similarly the interval between noon and sunset is into 6 equal parts. But the order of planet ruling the first hour (a little more or less according to this calculation) is ruled by the lord of day. The other hours are ruled by the other planets in the same order as is followed by the Hindus. Only the duration of each planetary hour division varies.
Weekdays and Day Lord: -
1. Sunday (sun) 2. Monday (moon) 3. Tuesday (Mars) 4. Wednesday (mercury) 5. Thursday (Jupiter) 6 Friday (Venus) 7. Saturday (Saturn).
The First hora starts after the time of sunrise and day lord will be hora lord. And second hora starts after one hour of first hora and so on. Second hora lord will be fifth day lord. I.e. Sunday first hora lord is sun; second hora lord will be Jupiter. And so on...
Sun Hora is for signing contracts, to commit forgery, to register documents, to appeal for promotion, to have mantras, to enter into politics.
Moon Hora is perfect to undertake any new venture.
Mars Hora is good for the Commander –in –Chief to prepare for war, buying lands to prepare arms, spears instruments, dagger to excavate.
Mercury Hora is good for to draft important documents, to purchase lottery tickets, bonds, securities, shares, or prize bond.
Jupiter hora is for to study veda, astrology, Law, economics, to meet ministers or high post officials, to open bank account, to purchase vehicles, marriages.
Venus Hora is good for to meet hard taskmaster and who is moody. to write love letters, to buy jewels, diamonds, to buy scooter, start agricultural operations, to start Music, Colleges, Cinema, Theatres, Studios.
Saturn Hora is good for to practice yoga or meditation, for illegal intimacy, to start petrol, oil, coal, leather business. These are the important investigations to any undertakings and usual business.