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Kathmandu: According to Jyotish Shastra, The Election Day on Baishakh 30, is not very auspicious day. On Baishakh 30, the Sun and Rahu will be on the same line in the sky.

Kathmandu: Yesterday Nepal celebrated the New year of the Bikram Sambat 2079. In the Astrology, the entrance of the Sun in the Mesh Rashi is important, which is called New Year.

Kathmandu: Tropical Surya Dev entered in Aries 20 March  night. According to mundane astrology, It seems to bring auspicious consequences to the children, stock market and education sector-related individuals.

Mantras are energy-based sounds. It produces vibration in the body. The words uttered in mantra are meaningful and are associated with the effect of vibration. This is one level of energy basis for words.

Every one likes to earn money. And earning money is not bad until it is legal. One of the most practiced and proven way of earning money is investing on stocks, commodities and forex. However, most of the investors end up losing their money due to lack of knowledge on how and when to buy and sell shares.