Kathmandu: LAGNA word is basically another name of LORD GANESHA out of his many names. It simply means starting of anything. We all know GANESHA is chief Deity of JYOTISH SHASTRA.

We all Hindus know his importance of worshipping lord Ganesh as he's amongst must worship pancha devta, specially before starting anything important for his blessing.

In very simple Astrological language, lagna fall in east direction where sun rise in morning (that's the reason why people born in morning will have sun in lagna itself while people born at sunset have in opposite in 7th house) Today with modern technology software we can simply do it with a click on an app and get chart or rest we can do it manually from panchang. Lagna take roughly 2 hours but as sign are unequal in duration, so they differ from each other in duration.

We have 12 signs and they come in east direction to become Lagna have their impact on our personalities as per their significant and elements.

★ Aries lagna - lean and muscular physics, very impulsive, loves adventure and experiment new things, always starting something new, very energetic n active, ambitious, angry, egoistic, selfish.
★ Taurus Lagna - Strong shoulders and body, little plump, calm appearance, very possessive, determined, practical, loves status quo, wants security, extremely materialistic, lazy till they stand up, argumentative
★ Gemini Lagna - tall, round, plumpy, good orator, skill full, quick witted, strong presence of mind, very social, arrogant, lacks concentration.
★ Cancer lagna - delicate and soft body, round face, shy, loyal, sympathetic, sentimental, emotional sensitive, homey, very moody, demanding and complaining
★ Leo lagna - muscular, upper body better formed than lower, born leader, confident, egoistic, independent, fearless, dominant, prideful and self-boasting, wants attention and think it's funny to make other jealous
★ Virgo Lagna - tall, round, square body, highly intelligent with active mind, superb analysis and calculative skills but very critical natured, calm and deep thinker but can go in negative angle.
★ Libra Lagna - well-formed and beautiful body, they are very social and seek alliance and partnership with others, always balancing their priority and sharing stuffs, very bad spending habits and never satisfied
★ Scorpio lagna - my favorites, very passionate, calm from outside volcanic from inside, bold, screwed, love secrets and mystery, very focused and excellent observer skills, scorpion string is world famous as they are very revengeful.
★ Sagittarius lagna - Generous, Jolly, ambitious, frank, full of wisdom and knowledge, born teacher or someone who guide, backpacker and love to travel.
★ Capricorn lagna - medium height and well-structured body, very business and duty minded, organized, systematic, hardworking, patriotic, selfish.
★ Aquarius Lagna - medium height, lean and structured bones, logical and scientific minded, strong reasoning skills, patience, unique, unemotional but very friendly as they are friends for everyone as world gains a lot from them.
★ Pisces lagna - short and plump, easy going, caring, mysterious in their way, harmless, liberal, globalist, over sensitive and unsteady.
Effect of each planet on lagna is very important. Few words for each one.
◎ Sun in lagna - born leader, confident, egoistic, creative, strong defining Aura in personality.
◎ Moon in Lagna - Emotional, moody, glowing personality with artistic leaning.
◎ Mars in lagna - full of vitality, courageous, strong willpower, rash, dominant, adventure loving
◎ Mercury in lagna - strong presence of mind, extremely intelligent, excellent presence of mind, logical, good orator, fun loving.
◎ Jupiter in lagna - Full of wisdom, knowledgeable, optimistic, generous.
Venus in lagna - very good looking, money minded, materialistic, cool and sophisticated.
◎ Saturn in lagna - serious people, pessimistic, tasteless person who is always busy with his duty and responsibility but systematic and organized.
◎ Venus in lagna - harmony seeking, balanced, materialistic, expert in any one chosen field, attractive aura, demanding, loveable.
◎ Rahu in lagna - Selfish, self-obsessed, over rating himself, opportunist, screwed and if Rahu alone without any beneficial aspect and only Malefic aspects then can cause disease
◎ Ketu in lagna - spiritual, selfless, Detached, unfocused, direction less, frustrated and confused person.