Kathmandu: - Astrologer Inbaal Honigman has warned King Charles III that his first year on the throne “won’t be an easy one” and to watch out for “fire signs” like his daughter-in-law Meghan Markle and niece Princess Eugenie.

Ms Honigman has been working with the Tarot since the mid-90s and has appeared in the media to share her astrological readings for more than 20 years.

“King Charles’s first year won’t be an easy one. Astrologically, he’s caught at an awkward time, when his ruling planet Pluto is not stable,” she told SkyNews.com.au on behalf of SpinGenie on Thursday.

“Pluto will be bobbing between two signs for the majority of King Charles III’s first two years, which could indicate some drama and unrest.”Ms Honigman suspects the unrest will be caused by contradictions between the royal family’s wealth and Charles’ passion for environmentalism.

“The signs involved now are Capricorn, a sign of business, and Aquarius, a sign of charity. This means that the delicate balance between wealthy businesses and environmental causes will be dominating the headlines,” she warned.

King Charles is a noted environmentalist and has recently made efforts to make the royal palaces more energy efficient, such as turning down the temperature in the Buckingham Palace pool.

Meanwhile, Prince William has signed up with tech giant YouTube to promote his environmental charity The Earthshot Prize. The astrologer also believes Charles may create a “battleground” with family members born under fire signs.

“The King has more fire signs in his complete astrological chart, than water signs, air signs or earth signs. This means that his way of removing someone from his life isn’t distancing them, but purposefully turning the friendship or relationship into an uncomfortable battleground,” she said.

“Other fire signs are at risk of being placed outside of the circle of trust – fire sign Leo like Meghan, and fire sign Aries like Princess Eugenie.”

Despite concerns about trouble in the coming months, Ms Honigman believes the King will ultimately enjoy a “peaceful” decades-long reign.
“From November 19, 2024, until March 8, 2043, there is a period of peace and safety for the monarch, pushing forward with charity work and helping forge peace treaties around the world.” (Reilly SullivanDigital Reporter, SkyNews.com.au)