Birth chart Consultation

A Birth chart consultation provides a comprehensive reading of the whole lifetime in order to view one's life purpose as reflected in all areas of the personality. This type of reading also offers opportunities to explore specific areas of the chart for further insight. The cost is 2500.

Current Events (Transits and Progressions)

Transits and progressions offer insight into what is happening right now in one's life as well as how to deal with these current events. This type of reading covers the current period (usually a two-year span) and reveals the key themes and the problems /opportunities within those themes. The cost is 2500.

Relationship Reading (Synastry)

A Relationship reading (Synastry) is useful for any two individuals (from business partners to married couples) who want to better understand the important issues / themes in their relationship. A relationship consultation helps two people discover the best possible response to their issues. The cost is 2500.

Business Consultations

Business consultations help reveal key issues or concerns by reading the chart of a business or organization. This type of consultation examines current business trends and cycles and reveals possible responses. The cost is 5000.

Specialized Focus

For those who don’t require a full natal reading or update or for those who need specific help like, Family Disputes, Business Loss, Abroad Travel, Love Spell etc. You can call or email me with your issues before the session.


******* OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS can make payments through MoneyGram or Western Union Money Transfer payable to Suneel Sitaula Kathmandu Nepal or can directly transfer to Bank Account. 

OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS should pay $150 For Birth Chart Reading.

INLAND CUSTOMERS can make payments through ESewa:- 9851072188

Vastu for Home (Or Vastu for House)
Vastu for Industrial Area
Vastu for Office
Vastu for Plot
Vastu for flat
Vastu for business
Visit Charge For Kathmandu Valley is 5100 to 11000/-